Stephie Bailey

Toronto, Ontario based artist + graphic designer + motion graphics 
Stephanie is an artisan; she is highly visual and a master of typography and creative design. She has the ability turn items with a minutia of detail and information into final art pieces. Steph is responsible for assembling creative designs and ensuring they meet client goals and objectives. Steph has the ability to apply the final touch, like icing on a cake, perfection! Stephanie is currently in her final year at OCAD University completing her thesis, where her goal is to explore the world of multimedia design. 

Having worked at Apple Inc. as a tech expert she has developed a skillset that allows her to have a high level of patience and understanding when dealing with customers and clients. Stephanie holds a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Brock, in St.Catherines, Canada. She is passionate about illustration and printmaking, she continually challenges herself to grow as a designer and communicator by learning new skills and techniques.
copyright stephie bailey 2017
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